Wednesday, November 27, 2013

IA Police Chief Pleaded Guilty to Animal Abuse for Shooting 7 Dogs

09.14.05 - 7 DOGS - HAMBURG, IA

- The small claims suit was filed by Elizabeth Brock and her attorney Jon Johnson against Police Chief Nick Millsap Fremont County Court Case # 04361 AGCR006089

- The claim was filed on Dec. 6, 2005 in Fremont County Court and served to the City of Hamburg (Georgann Stephens) on Dec 9, 2005 and to Nick Millsap on Dec.12, 2005.

- Brock was awarded $3,500 in damages in a small claims lawsuit against Millsap and the city of Hamburg, IA.

- On August 1, 2007, Nick Millsap was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation under a deferred entry of judgment.

- The 'FORMER' Hamburg police chief pleaded guilty to one count of animal abuse, an aggravated misdemeanor. The remaining counts were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

- Millsap was initially charged with seven counts of animal abuse after it was alleged that he removed seven dogs and puppies from a Hamburg residence in September 2005, and killed each of them - six by gunshots and one by stomping on its head.

- No jail time was imposed

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